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The hards.pl website uses cookies & rdquo;
By using our website, you agree to use the cookie file for statistical purposes.

What are cookies & rdquo;?

Files & cookies cookie & rdquo; They contain textual information sent by the server and stored in the terminal's memory (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

The information in & cookies / rdquo; They can be read only by this server.
& Ldquo; cookies & rdquo; They do not contain personal data or make configuration changes in your & terminal device & nbsp; & nbsp; of the software.

It is possible to define a condition for storing and accessing cookies & rdquo; With the settings of your web browser.

Manage your cookies & rdquo;

The default web browser settings allow you to save the & file in & cookies; & nbsp;.
Any internet user can opt out of & nbsp; saving the file & quot; in & quot; cookies & quot; On your device and delete all the information you've collected.

Details on how to handle the & quot; cookies & rdquo; & quot; They are available in the & nbsp; description of your web browser settings.

Restrict the use of & quot; cookies & quot; in & quot; cookie & quot; It may affect some of the functionality available on hards.pl.

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