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FAQ - about configuration and use of email.

01 How to set up Outlook?

I received information about my new mailbox: email address, password, server names. How to set up a mail program - eg Outlook?

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02 How to set up The Bat! ?

I'm having trouble configuring The Bat! - & nbsp; when running the program, & nbsp; communication error messages appear ...

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03 How to send or receive e-mail from a browser?

I go on vacation. I do not take my notebook, but I would like to look at an internet café at the internet cafe. How to send or receive e-mail from a browser?

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04 I can not check mail in the browser

So far no problem I could use the mail through the browser, both at home and from the computer in the company (...). For some time I can not check mail in a web browser on a company computer.

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05 How to redirect mail to your friend's address?

Soon I am going on vacation. I would like my colleague to receive emails sent to me during my absence. How to redirect mail to friend's email?

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06 What means "Mail delivery failed (...)" ?

For some time I have been receiving strange emails from What do they do not come to me?
What do these emails mean? * Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender *?

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07 What is the error of Outlook 0x800CCC90?

For some time I can not receive messages in Outlook - when I try to receive - communication with the POP3 server appears error 0x800CCC90.

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08 Co to za błąd Outlooka 0x800CCC0E?

Od pewnego czasu nie mogę wysyłać wiadomości w Outlooku - przy próbie wysyłki - komunikacji mojego komputera z serwerem SMTP pojawia się błąd 0x800CCC0E.

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09 How to change email password?

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10 Can my email account not have a password?

The computer service that carried my data from the old to the new notebook asked me for the password for my email account. I never typed my password before, so I'm wondering if my email account might not have a password?

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11 What are the limits for attachments?

When sending an email, I received a message that the attachment size limit was exceeded. Is there a limit to the number or size of attachments?

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12 Is there a limit on the number of email recipients?

When sending via email to & nbsp; multiple recipients, the mail client reported an error. Is there a limit on the number of email recipients?

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13 Jakie jest ograniczenie liczby wysyłanych maili?

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14 Jak zablokować SPAM i niechciane maile?

Moją skrzynkę pocztową codziennie zapełniają niechciane maile wysyłane z domeny, które nie dają mi spokoju. System antyspamowy ich nie wykrywa jako spam.
Jak zablokować SPAM i niechciane maile?

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15 What protections protect my mail from spam and viruses?

Recently I read a lot about the threat of data loss due to viruses in the unsolicited mail. What protections protect my mail from spam and  viruses? What is RBL?

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16 Why am I getting a blank email?

Every time I send an email to (...) - it's after a second automatically gets an empty email from the same address?

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17 Dlaczego dostaję maile z dopiskiem {Spam?} w temacie?

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18 Dlaczego dostałem kilkadziesiąt maili - komunikatów o nieodebranej poczcie?

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19 Wygasła mi domena. Jak odebrać pilną pocztę?

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20 Jak obejść blokowanie wysyłki email przez antyspamowy system RBL?

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21 Czy jest możliwe, abym otrzymywał kopie odbieranych i wysyłanych wiadomości?

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22 Why can not I send mail?

I can receive e-mails in Outlook, but for some time I'm having trouble shipping.
Why can not I send mail?

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23 Jak zdiagnozować problemy z działaniem poczty?

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24 Jak odczytywać informacje zapisane w logu serwera pocztowego?

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25 Jak pozbyć się podwójnych maili w Outlooku?

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26 Jaką powinien mieć postać adres email akceptowany przez serwer pocztowy?

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27 Jak długo są przechowywane na serwerze pocztowym wiadomości wysłane?

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28 Why received emails are duplicated?

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